The company was founded in 2009 and has developed a revolutionary and ultra-thin solar cell technology which enables wireless charging of e.g. electronic consumer products, also in-doors.

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Revolutionary technology

Exeger has developed a unique solar cell with revolutionary and market leading characteristics. The cells absorb energy from in-door lights as well as from indirect sunlight. The thin and flexible design enables a neat and simple integration in different units such as tablets and headphones.

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Exeger's business operations

Through co-operations with producers of consumer electronics, Exeger develops self-charging products with endless life. This opens up for new functionality and end-user behaviour.

  • As long as there is light, the Exeger-integrated unit will self-charge (in-doors as well as in direct and indirect sunlight).
  • The more light, the more will the unit charge.

During 2019 Exeger entered a strategic partnership with SB Energy while its mother company, the Japanese tech giant SoftBank Group Corp., invested USD 10m in Exeger. SoftBank is the world's largest investment company within the tech sector.

The company recently launched the product line/concept Powerfoyle that combines the revolutionary Exeger-technology with modern design developed with product functionality and user behaviour in mind.

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